Pamela Heath

Artist and cartoonist.

Welcome to my Art

imageI have a lot of interests, some of which I finally farmed out to other sites. This particular site is devoted to my artwork, which includes paintings, cartoons, sculpture, and illustrations. My work has hung in galleries, appeared as a book cover, and been published in magazines as cartoons and illustrations. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a lot of my work in the early days (some of which was done in ball point pen on paper and posted in school hallways for my own amusement). However, for a partial list of my published works with some samples, please check the page here.

I have multiple galleries for my cartoons and paintings, which I'll add to as I have time. These have been divided roughly into categories by topic or style. Both the menu and the pop-up slideshows require javascript. If you can't use that, you can still access all of the pages on the site by using the Site Map or the side links (shown at the botton of the page for cell phone browsers).

There is no advertising on this site and I don't collect personal data. If you wish for permission to use any of my material, please use the contact button (the @ symbol).