About Me

image I started cartooning at the age of seven, modeling her early work after James Thurber. I began publishing my pen and ink work in college. My initial work was crude to say the least, but seeing it in print inspired me to improve. I eventually started experimenting with realistic illustrations in medical school, moving on from there to black and white oils.

After finishing school, my work shifted more towards full color portraiture and the occasional sculpture. The only formal classes I've taken were some courses at the Crealdé school of art in Winter Park, Florida.

I got into landscapes while living on the Navajo reservation. Some of these were painted while sitting on the rim of the Canyon de Chelly National Monument (sometimes even in the rain). I still sometimes pick up a brush to recapture those memories

Over the years, I've shown and sold my work in multiple galleries and shows. I don't have as much time for artwork as I used to thanks to being more focused on my passion of writing, but I still enjoy creating the occasional whimsical painting or cartoon as inspiration strikes. I share my work here in the hope they bring a smile to your face.